Bobbi Greaves – 5 Facts About Beau Greaves Sister

Bobbi Greaves is Playmate Graves’ more experienced sister. She works at Hesley Gathering in Doncaster. The Greaves sisters were born and raised in Doncaster.

Bobbi Greaves has always attended every darts competition her younger sister has entered. She figured out how to work 14-hour shifts at Hesley and has taken trips to Germany and Australia with her sister.

In April 2022, Bobbi watched her sister become the youngest ever when she defeated Kirsty Hutchinson 4-0 in the final of The Big Showdown. Also, the 18-year-old kept her feet firmly on the ground as she advanced to the PDC World Darts Title on Sunday.

Greaves, nicknamed “Lover ‘n’ Bolt,” has her partner Pally presentation set for December, saying she’s ready to embrace any resemblance to Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright and won’t back down.

Who is Bobbi Greaves? Meet Lover Greaves Sister Bobbi Greaves is the more established sister of veteran darts player Lover Greaves. Bobbi’s ever-present presence in her sister’s life is apparent through her web-based entertainment handle.

Bobbi never misses a single competition from her sister, with a large number of Lover’s fans calling her the director of the darts headliner. Anyway, going to her competitions with her younger sister is not the main task that Bobbi has to fulfill. The more established sister of darts champion Bobbi can be found on any other web based entertainment site. On Instagram she has 1.2k followers with the customer name @bob_greaves and she also has a presence on Twitter with the username @bobgreaves_x.

Doncaster natives, Greaves have been in the media spotlight since Playmate made her mark as a 12-year-old, beating men more experienced than her in darts competitions across the city.

Playmate Greaves’ more established sister, Bobbi Greaves, is a laborer at Hesley Gathering. Beyond that, however, it remains unclear where she received her conventional education, Bobbi appears to have recently joined Hesley.

Established in 1975, Hesley Gathering is a professional provider for youth and adults with intellectual disabilities. Hesley is in Bobbi’s old neighborhood, which makes it easier for her to drive to work.

Bobbi recently poked fun at working 14 hours a day and waking up to the confirmation that her sister is the rich one and not her.

Additionally, on her Instagram profile, Bobbi recently shared photos of herself in her work clothes, complaining about the long shift but also celebrating that she will soon be venturing to Romania with her sister for a competition. One look at her Instagram name might make you think Bobbi has a relative, defending darts champion Playmate Greaves. However, she has two other relatives in Taylor and Harry.

25-year-old Taylor Greaves was the first in the family in a long time to make a name for himself and earn money in darts. Playmate even credited Taylor as the one who pushed her into the game. Speaking to the BBC in 2020, Lover said: “We used to have a room in our house that had the dartboard in it and I just got hit by my brother – it actually started from that point. ”

Unlike his younger sister, Taylor is unlikely to have given up on his fantasy of becoming a skilled darts player. The last rivalry he played was at the PDC Improvement Visit Britain in 2018 and according to Darts Data Set he has an £800 appeal.

There isn’t much data on her other relatives, Harry Greaves, but the relatives were spotted together during her father’s birthday party in 2021. Lover Greaves’ more established sister, Bobbi Greaves, is 22 years old. She is four years more established than Lover, who was born on January 9, 2004. Bobbi is the second oldest of her three relatives and the person who has taken on the obligation to take care of Lover.

From Germany to Australia, there’s definitely not a single competition that Bobbi has missed to support her younger sister. But while her affection for her sister is genuine, Bobbi has recently been accused by Playmates fans of being considerate.

Bobbi kept praising her birthday in August, as she recently tweeted: “Just booked my trips for the Platinum Australia Darts which open in August!! Enjoying the week with my girl (Beau Greaves) and also my birthday. No other person I’d rather be with. So empowered.” Bobbi Greaves was born in 2000 to legal guardians Dave Greaves and Tracy Greaves. Bobbi and his relatives grew up in Sprotbrough, Doncaster.

Dave, the father of four, has been credited with getting his youngest child Playmate interested in darts, having taken her to practice in bars since he was 10. Previously, Dave and Tracy had whined about the prize money for women darts players and how low it was compared to what many male players earn.

In 2018, Dave took to Facebook to complain that Lover, who had finished in the bottom 16 of the basic women’s singles, had just received £25. Noting her significant other’s post, Tracy said the coordinators should be ashamed of treating the young ladies like this.

Lover Greaves, the sister of Bobbi Greaves and the youngest ever title holder, suffered from dartitis. The condition is known to seriously affect darts players’ coordinated movements, and the game’s veterans Mark Walsh and Mark Webster succumbed to it.

Deta Hedman, the incredible darts player, recently spoke about Playmate and her condition, calling it the most pessimistic dartitis scenario she’d ever seen. Still, the 18-year-old has dominated the competition for her condition and is currently number one in the world.

Dartitis can negatively impact players and in 2020, during a major home run event, Berry van Friend broke down in tears when he failed to deliver his darts while venturing forward to face Gary Anderson.

Speaking to Dartscast Week in 2022, Playmate said her battle with dartritis has given her a different perspective on the game, saying: “I’ve never been so glad for myself to get through this. I appreciate shootings a lot more.” Bobbi Greaves – 5 Facts About Beau Greaves Sister

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