Biden has the right to help Ukraine while preventing World War III


About the editor: While I applaud Mikhail Alexseev’s concerns about the need to stop Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s barbaric invasion and destruction of a sovereign nation, I take offense at his desire to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

I believe this would be tantamount to luring the US and its allies into a war with Russia. This would help the Russian dictator justify his actions and promote his misconception that Ukraine started this terrible war.

Even the normally hawkish Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has said enforcing a no-fly zone over Ukraine would lead to World War III.

I believe the US has helped Ukraine tremendously by sending guns, ammunition, rocket launchers and enough Javelin missiles to repel any Russian tank.

Donald L. Singer, Cardiff, California.


About the editor: I am a Liberal Democrat, but I align myself with Alexseev in disagreeing with President Biden’s strategy of not “escalating” the conflict in Ukraine by refusing to enforce a no-fly zone and refusing to allow MiG-29- to send fighter jets to Ukraine.

Putin started this war and is escalating it every day. Defense of Ukraine is not an escalation.

I think most Americans support what I’m saying. Three weeks have passed and we are witnessing the daily slaughter of defenseless Ukrainians fighting for their homeland. We keep saying we don’t know what Putin will do if we do this or that, and we don’t want to incite him.

But dispatching jets or enforcing a no-fly zone is a defensive measure and tells Putin he can stop his empty threats to start a nuclear war. He knows that a nuclear attack on the West would mean the end of his country.

We can end this war, Putin’s expansionism and the suffering of innocent Ukrainians, and send a signal that Russia and other dictators cannot invade sovereign countries when it suits them, by standing up for Ukraine.

David McLane, Pasadena


About the editor: Alexseev dusts off the discredited “domino theory” from the 1960s, when the Lyndon B. Johnson administration told us that if the US did not defend South Vietnam, North Vietnam (backed by China) would extend its communist reach to the Philippines, New Zealand , Australia and, before we knew it, the beaches of San Diego.

Alexseev repositions this absurd scenario for the Ukraine crisis with analogies to late 1930s Europe, where Ukraine becomes Sudetenland, Putin becomes Hitler and Biden becomes Neville Chamberlain.

Alexseev concludes his surreal argument with what appears to be former California Gov. Jerry Brown mentioned in a recent paper “Crazy Realism”. The risk of nuclear war is suggested as the “boldness” necessary to prevent the formation of a new Fortress Europe, this time dominated by Russia.

We can only hope Biden continues his commendable caution.

Leigh Clark, Granada Hills


About the editor: How long can we watch as Russia decimates and eventually annexes a properly constituted democratic country?

I understand the risks of an actual duel between Russia and the US, but do we stand for nothing anymore?

Putin, calling his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine a “special military operation,” is reminiscent of George Orwell’s “1984,” where words mean what Big Brother says they mean.

We must find a way to do more.

Anne Beaty, Los Angeles Biden has the right to help Ukraine while preventing World War III

Caroline Bleakley

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