Angelina Jolie says Brad Pitt choked and her kids were beaten in New Court Docs

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That legal drama Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s winery has taken a particularly worrying turn. Amid Pitt’s ongoing lawsuit against Jolie for willful “[seeking] “to cause harm” by selling her shares in their joint winery to a Russian “stranger” earlier this year, a countersuit filed by Jolie on Tuesday offers new details about Pitt’s alleged abusive behavior towards her and their children.

The details focus on a now-infamous flight the family took from France to California in 2016. Corresponding unsealed FBI files Jolie, which was released in August, said Pitt got drunk and became violent during an argument with her and one of her children. On Tuesday the New York Times reported that in Jolie’s most recent court filing she alleges that Pitt not only verbally assaulted and shoved Jolie – he also assaulted her children:

“According to Ms. Jolie’s 2016 account of the flight in the court filings, the argument began when Mr. Pitt accused Ms. Jolie of being ‘too respectful’ of her children and then began yelling at her in the bathroom. “Pitt grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her, then grabbed her shoulders and shook her again before shoving her against the bathroom wall,” the filing reads. “Pitt then slammed the ceiling of the plane several times, prompting Jolie to leave the bathroom.”

When one of the children came to Ms. Jolie’s defense, court records said, Mr. Pitt lunged at the child and asked her to grab him from behind. Amid the altercation, “Mr. Pitt choked one of the children and slapped another in the face,” the suit said.

In the FBI report referenced above, Jolie claimed that Pitt pushed her and spilled drinks on her, and also pounced on one of her children. She told officers she felt like “a hostage” on the flight and claimed Pitt responded when she suggested taking her kids to a hotel to rest, “You ain’t taking my friggin kids.” But Jolies did Tuesday’s countersuit marks the first time she has publicly claimed that Pitt physically harmed her children, who would have been between the ages of eight and 15 in 2016.

Shortly after the flight, Jolie filed for divorce and the incident was investigated by the FBI. Last October, Jolie sold her stake in Chateau Miravel, the former couple’s winery, to the Russian “stranger.” And in September, court filings from Nouvel, the company Jolie set up to manage her interests in the winery, claims She only made that decision after Pitt scuttled negotiations by requiring Jolie to sign an NDA regarding their marriage as one of his conditions for buying her shares. (Nouvel also claimed that Pitt prevented Jolie from running the winery for years and severely mishandled its funds by squandering the tens of millions she had invested in it.)

Jolie’s most recent court filings claim that Pitt requested the non-disclosure agreement around the same time an FBI agent who investigated the plane incident told her he had “concluded that the government had a probable reason to suspect Pitt of a federal crime.” charge conduct on that day.” However, as the previously sealed FBI report noted in its conclusion: “It has been agreed by all parties that the criminal charge in this case will not be pursued due to a number of factors.”

Specifically, the FBI report had said Jolie was “conflicted over whether or not to support the prosecution” in connection with the case. In Tuesday’s court filings, her attorneys indicated she was reluctant to protect her children: “[Jolie] went to great lengths to try to protect her children from reliving the pain Pitt caused the family that day,” they wrote. According to her legal team, Jolie addresses what happened on that plane as a result of Pitt’s legal maneuvers regarding Miravel: “When Pitt filed this lawsuit to regain control of Jolie’s financial life and force her to serve as a frozen out to her ex-husband rejoining business partners, Pitt forced Jolie to publicly defend herself on these issues for the first time.”

Although Jolie was clear about what led to their breakup in 2016 even before the FBI records went public, Jolie had previously alluded to for experiencing domestic violence while campaigning for the Violence Against Women Act. She implied Pitt abused her in 2021 interview with the Guardian. Meanwhile, Pitt’s camp appeared to dispute Jolie’s claims in the FBI report: In August, a “source” close to Pitt fire News of the FBI records, claiming Jolie and “her team” are “desperately trying to find something” and “this is all for show.” Pitt who was recently romantically connected with the vocal feminist model Emily RatajkowskiHe has not yet publicly commented on the counterclaim filed by Jolie on Tuesday. Angelina Jolie says Brad Pitt choked and her kids were beaten in New Court Docs

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