Andrew Tate’s War Room apparently teaches men how to persuade their wives and girlfriends to do sex work

Ever since I first learned of Andrew Tate’s existence and influence last year, every time I heard his name, a new level of his horror was revealed. Romanian authorities who held him Jail since late December seem to agree, and denied he bail on Tuesday. Less than 24 hours later, Rolling Stone Approved an exposé of the self-proclaimed misogynist and influencer, detailing even more of his horrific exploits, which include (perhaps predictably) the indoctrination of men and the exploitation of women. Just when I thought this man couldn’t get any meaner, here we are. Let’s dive in.

Before his arrest, Tate allegedly used the War Room — a social network and Telegram channel that costs $5,000 to join (yes, you read that right) — to exploit women he had never met. Apparently he has managed to convince group members to persuade their wives and girlfriends to do online sex work for the men’s own financial gain. A former War Room member said in a vlog review that the organization teaches you how to become a “pimp who looks down on women, uses and abuses them, and manipulates them to get what he wants from them.” Yes, sounds about right.

But it doesn’t stop with mind games and manipulation. A screenshot obtained from Rolling Stone also shows how members are instructed how to behave in front of the cameras they have forced their partners to perform in front of. Instructions include things like, “Breathe it down her throat, in her ear while she cums.” (Although it’s not entirely clear what “it” refers to and I 1000% don’t want to know.)

Another feature of the War Room is to help its members escape the “Matrix” by advising them to get as many fake passports as possible so they can easily run from the law. I have to ask though, if Tate was good enough at evading authorities to teach his acolytes how to do it, then why, oh why wasn’t he able to work his way out of confinement? (The “Matrix” is a confused, broad-based conspiracy theory Tate cme up, even though it just sounds like the damn simulation we’re in right now – and as long as Tate himself is off duty, I’ll stay where I am.)

Of course, Tate representatives have completely denied the whole bullshit thatwent down in the War Room. It’s a “legitimate online community that encourages people to better themselves physically, mentally and financially,” a spokesman said Rolling Stone. “While the space has made every effort to inform its members through the legal avenues, it does not hold itself responsible for the illegal activities of its members, if such efforts ever existed,” they claimed. That last clause there makes a much of heavy lifting.

Women have reportedly met Tate since his arrest come demanding his release and deny that he ever abused her. Not surprisingly, court documents, including phone logs, contradict these claims, confirming that these cries for Tate’s release were written and coerced with a deeply depressing form of irony. Andrew Tate’s War Room apparently teaches men how to persuade their wives and girlfriends to do sex work

Adam Bradshaw

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