According to Sturgeon, Scottish independence will secure the partnership of the British nations

Nicola Sturgeon blames “aggressive unionism” for undermining decentralization and says Scottish independence is the only way to secure an equal partnership between the nations that make up the UK.

Scotland’s first minister, whose government has asked the UK’s Supreme Court to rule on whether Parliament in Edinburgh has the legal right to hold a ‘consultative’ referendum on secession from Britain, will tell supporters of her Scottish national party on Monday Announce separation would reset the country’s relationship with the rest of the UK.

But excerpts of her speech, released ahead of her closing address at the SNP’s first in-person national conference since the outbreak of Covid-19, did not directly address the economic issues that have dominated the independence debate, such as what currency is an independent Scotland would use or the creation of a trade border with England in the event of Scotland’s independent accession to the EU.

Sturgeon has argued that Scotland has suffered from a “democratic deficit” as the UK government has encroached on the powers of decentralized government since Brexit, taking unilateral decisions on matters that should fall under Edinburgh’s jurisdiction.

This undermines the idea of ​​the UK as a voluntary association of nations, she argued. Sturgeon and other SNP leaders have also said the party’s victory in the 2021 Scottish Parliament election was a mandate for another independence vote.

“There’s a point here that may seem odd at first but I think it’s becoming more and more true,” Sturgeon will say in Aberdeen on Monday. “Independence is indeed the best way to protect the partnership on which the UK was founded – a voluntary partnership of nations.”

Sturgeon’s campaign for a second referendum to end Scotland’s 315-year union with England has stalled as the British government refused to allow it and the country has been divided roughly down the middle, according to opinion polls. The Supreme Court hearing on whether it can hold a referendum next year without Westminster Government approval begins on Tuesday.

Opposition parties have accused her of neglecting governance and said she should have found answers to concerns about the economy, trade and pensions, which ultimately decided eight years after Scots voted 55 to 45 percent in favor of the union 2014 vote in favor of union.

Sturgeon will say on Monday that the economic case for independence will be set out in the latest papers to be released by the Scottish Government next week.

“Our economic prospectus will provide economic arguments for independence,” she will say. “It will set out how we can build a new, sustainable economy based on our massive renewable energy resources and show how we can achieve lower energy prices and greater security of supply in an independent Scotland.” According to Sturgeon, Scottish independence will secure the partnership of the British nations

Adam Bradshaw

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