A film about Spirit Halloween Stores is in the works

Halloween costume

Halloween costume
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Good news for every abandoned Toys “R” Us, the empty anchor shop on your dead local mall, and this one building that used to be something else, but you can’t remember what: Spirit Halloween is becoming a movie! No, you’re not confusing Spirit Halloween with anything else, we’re really talking about the seasonal retail chain that sells spooky costumes and decorations for a few months a year and then disappears like it’s the model-filled secret meatpacking factory/nightclub His field. (Secret meatpacking plant/nightclub would be a good place for a ghost Halloween.)

At this point, you’re probably wondering how a seasonal retail chain can be turned into a movie, and the answer is “very carefully.” Har har har. Seriously though, this is a real news story and not some silly joke someone makes about the choppy, barrel-scratching nature of modern Hollywood so desperate for some kind of movie franchise to buy out the rights to stores. Actually, it really sounds like a joke, so let’s double check that.

Ah yes, it says in here diversity that the movie Based on the Spirit Halloween stores, Christopher Lloyd, Rachel Leigh Cook and “some new faces” starring David Poag (looks like he’s usually a cameraman, based on his IMDb page) made his directorial debut on the project. These are all real people as far as we can tell, although Lloyd and Cook have appeared in movies before, so that’s a couple of points for this being a real thing and not a joke. If it were a joke we’d say it’s a fake skeleton in a wig or one of those animatronic ghouls that hold a bowl and when a kid reaches for candy they move and laugh – you know, stuff, that you might find on a ghost Halloween.

Anyhow, the plot actually sounds disappointingly predictable: some kids, thinking they’re too old for trick-or-treating, get stuck in a haunted Halloween, and it turns out the store is haunted and ghosts haunt the various Bring decorations to life. So maybe it’s playing a wigged skeleton and an animatronic ghoul?

Noor Ahmed who produces Ghost Halloween through his label, Strike Back Studios, says the film was inspired by The Goonies, gremlins, monster squadand “so many great movies from Amblin Entertainment,” which are all the same stranger things is based on, so that’s probably smart. Honestly, it looks like that’s about all you’d do if you were making a movie based on the Spirit Halloween Stores, so we can comfortably conclude that this is a real movie and not a joke is. Probably.

https://www.avclub.com/spirit-halloween-stores-the-movie-christopher-lloyd-1848780126 A film about Spirit Halloween Stores is in the works

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