6 Practical Ways To Maintain Good Health While Working From Home

Working from home has its perks and disadvantages. While it offers more convenience, slipping into a relaxed zone can negatively impact your physical and mental health. The comfort of binge-watching your favorite TV shows or sports events while also enjoying the privilege of wagering on NFL picks on a voluntary break cannot be rivaled. Still, the lack of physical activities is a challenge for remote workers.

Besides the harm to physical health, your mental and psychological state of mind is also at risk. Working from home can cause isolation, low motivation to work, unhealthy eating patterns, difficulty maintaining a normal work-life balance, and eventually, burnout. All these are slow killers that can negatively affect your productivity.

Now, how do you avoid these negative effects of remote jobs? Maintaining good healthcare while in your comfort zone can be challenging, especially if there’s no one around to motivate you. However, while it might seem impossible, the whole process becomes easier when you start. This article will discuss the necessary activities to sustain your health while you tap away on your laptops and mobile devices executing your various gigs.

Follow a Diet Plan

When people think about diets, they picture salads and green smoothies. That’s not true. According to Healthline.com, balanced diets give your body the necessary nutrients to function well. These nutrients are mainly fresh fruits, nuts, low-fat dairy products, lean proteins, and fresh vegetables. 

Prioritize proteinous meals, vitamins, carbohydrates like fiber, and healthy fats. Include proteins like meat, fish, and egg into your legume. You can opt for other protein sources such as beans, nuts, and tofu if you are a vegetarian. Avoid highly processed foods with empty calories, added sugar and salt, processed meat, trans fat, refined grains, and alcohol to reinforce your growth.

It’s also important to confirm your allergies before sticking to a diet. For instance, you shouldn’t keep nuts in the house if you have a peanut allergy. This is to help you maintain your required 2000 calories per day and also encourage you to substitute nuts and fruits for Pringles and Dunkin Donuts.


With remote jobs, you can be in a sitting position for hours, which means you don’t undergo physical activities — a quick way to gain weight. Integrate exercises into your daily routine — you can substitute your commute time with work out; see it as a necessary walk to the office. Regular exercise has numerous benefits. Besides maintaining your weight, it also reduces the risk of diseases, improves your brain engagement, and other health benefits.

To incorporate exercise into your everyday activities, you can jog, watch and practice workout videos online, reduce the time you spend sitting down, and achieve this by doing some activities you’d normally sit to do while standing. Make a mental note to call, browse, and even work on your feet, if possible. This becomes a habit over time and less of a chore.

Create a Balance for Your Work-Life Relationships

It’s hard to separate your work and personal life from remote jobs. Working at a traditional office leaves clear boundaries between home and your job. The end of the day signals a time to focus on family and yourself. However, it’s hard to separate yourself from work when you are under the same roof as your job. This usually leads to over-working, which eventually results in burnout, and an ignored body or family.

You should create a strict work structure that doesn’t require you to be at your computer when you should be sleeping. Following this structure can also help you give your family or partners the needed bonding time. To achieve this, you can set up an office space outside your room to give yourself the feeling of going to the office and coming out of it at the end of the day.

Prioritize Your Social Life

According to a survey by the US Census Bureau, over 42% of Americans surveyed had symptoms of anxiety and depression during the COVID isolation period. Working at a traditional office gives you an opportunity to create relationships with your co-workers through after-work dinner, office parties, and daily interactions with everyone. However, this is almost impossible if you work from home.

Create time to go out with your friends and family. Meet new people, reinforce your connection with old friends, and enjoy the buzz of the outside world. If you live with family members, create time out to enjoy minute activities like cooking, playing games, and watching TV together. You can also connect with friends online through social media platforms, Skype, Zoom, and video games, where you can play games with other gamers worldwide. This keeps your sanity in check while giving you a medium to bond with others.

Catch Some Sleep

Although getting lost in your work is normal, you must give your body it’s needed rest for easy vitality. Not getting enough sleep might not seem serious, but some of its side effects are high blood pressure, heart attack, obesity, diabetes, heart failure, and even a reduced sex drive.

It also dulls your focus and brain engagement, resulting in burnout and less productivity. Lack of sleep equals starving your brain, which is why you must avoid it.

Drink Enough Water

Staying hydrated has a lot of benefits, such as body temperature regulation, heightened immune systems, proper function of organs, and improved sleep quality and cognition. These are some of the top qualities you need to do efficient work, which is why proper hydration is advised.

If you still do not see the need for a cup of water, medical researchers have discovered that dehydration can cause dizziness, low blood pressure, increased heart rate, fever, and energy loss.

Final Thoughts

Some drawbacks usually accompany the convenience remote jobs provide. However, if you can utilize some of these tips, such as exercising regularly, following a diet plan, and staying hydrated, working from home would still be great.

Ensure you prioritize your mental, physical, and physiological health to improve job productivity while working from home. Your body system will thank you for it.

Huynh Nguyen

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