5 Great Online Pastimes For People Living In Australia

If there’s one thing the pandemic taught Australians, it was the importance of knowing how to have fun online. During those times, multiple restrictions prevented people from visiting their favorite pastime locations. Almost everyone had to turn to the internet for entertainment.

But now, the restrictions are gone, and while it’s safe for Australians to return to the way things were before the pandemic, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some online pastime activities. For one, they’re easily accessible and don’t require you to stress too much.

Another good news is that most of them don’t cost a thing! In fact, you can even earn from some. An example is online poker Australia real money games, where you wager on poker games and stand a chance to win big. But that’s just one of the many fun online pastimes Australians can enjoy. In this article, we’ll share five of them, so sit tight and enjoy!

Online Poker

In Australia, poker has been a national pastime for many decades, so it’s no surprise that online poker is following suit. Online poker offers so much more asides from its rich history. For example, poker is a game that requires some form of mental prowess to be successful. Regularly playing poker online can help develop your mental acuity and also improve your logical thinking skills.

Furthermore, with online poker, you can choose to play with people from different parts of the world, allowing you to make new friends. To make things better, when you get better at it, you can win money from it, and yes, big money!

Sadly, Australian gambling sites are not allowed to offer online poker to Australians, but most residents enjoy playing the game through offshore poker rooms. All you need to do is find a quality one, and you should have no problem.

Play Video Games

Playing video games is one of the best ways to free yourself from boredom. The good thing about video games is that there are different types, and if you look hard enough, you’ll surely find one that suits you. Also, you might choose to play them on your phone, PC, or console. 

Some good games you can enjoy include Subway Surfers, Candy Crush, and Pokemon Go. If you like adventure-themed games with lots of action, you could go for games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Asphalt Legends, and PUBG. These games also allow you to play with players from around the world; you can communicate with them and also make friends.

Online Videos

No internet user can claim not to know YouTube. It’s the most popular online video-providing platform and has millions of videos you can watch. All you need to do is search for a video that interests you and let the algorithm recommend similar videos.

YouTube is not the only platform you can use. TikTok has millions of interesting short videos for you. Even better, they are both free to use. All that’s needed is a stable internet connection and a strong battery life, and you’ll forget you were bored in no time. You can even learn a lot from those videos; there are language and academic tutorials, cooking recipes, celebrity interviews, sports clips, and the like.

Also, there are now multiple video streaming platforms where you can watch the best movies and shows online. You might no longer need your TV anymore. However, these platforms like Netflix, Apple+, Amazon TV, and Hulu require payment before you access them. Some do offer free trials, so you can go through their catalog before making any payment.

Read Books 

Gone are the days when the only way one could read books was through physical copies. Now, you can access over a million books without leaving your home.

There are so many books from different authors and genres; you only have to choose what interests you, and the system will recommend more books to you. If you also have a specific book in mind, you can search for it too.

Some amazing places you can read books include Amazon Kindle, Wattpad, ManyBooks, Google Books, Project Gutenberg, and Smashwords.

Learn a Language or a Skill

Australians looking to pass the time online can try learning a new language or a skill. Learning a new language is very fun and valuable. You never know when you might need it, and it has also been proven that it helps in brain development — an absolute win-win.

There are lots of sites or apps where you can learn select languages for free. These sites also have forums where you can interact with native speakers and fellow learners.

If you feel like learning a language is too stressful, you can take up a course to improve yourself. It might be a digital skill like programming or even learning to play a musical instrument. Sites like Udemy and Coursera have many free and detailed courses that you may find interesting.

The Bottom Line

There are lots of fun activities that Australians can do online to pass the time, but it can be challenging to find nice and interesting ones. In this article, we’ve sourced the best online pastimes for people living in Australia. They include playing poker online, watching online videos, playing video games, reading books, and learning a new skill or language. You will find some or all of them really engaging and fun.

Huynh Nguyen

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