13 Amazing Things about Awnings You Should Know

We all know how sunlight has great health benefits. However, the harsh sunlight during summer days can have negative effects too.

Placing an awning in your home can limit solar exposure. Keep reading this blog to find out how sun blocking awnings can save you from harsh sunlight and add more value to your life.

1.      Reduce energy costs

Fossil fuels are used to generate electricity worldwide. Governments are trying to ditch fossil fuels and adopt green sources of energy, but before this change is made, it’s our job to save electricity.

The awning is a one-time investment that can reduce your energy costs for years to come. Installation of the awning in your home can help you reduce energy use, eventually limiting your spending on energy costs.

2.      Proper protection from the sun

Sunlight is great for our health as it triggers the production of Vitamin D in our skin. However, the damage to the ozone layer done by the industrial revolution has made sunlight harsh for our environment.

The presence of ultraviolet rays in sunlight can cause skin cancer and several other health problems. It’s therefore important to avoid sun damage in your home. Placing a sun awning in your home can save everyone in your family from the harmful solar rays.

3.      Increase usable space in the home

Having more free space in your home can help you enjoy your time in the home. Instead of spending all your time indoors during summer, an awning can help you leave your room and spend some time outside.

A sun blocking awning can increase space in your home at a minimal investment. You can use this additional space to grow some plants, place furniture items, and spend time with your loved ones.

4.      Good for reselling your home

You have to take care of many things if you plan to sell your home. For example, your home should have all the essentials to look more attractive to buyers.

The addition of an awning in your home can increase its value.

More people will be interested in buying your home if you have an awning installed. An awning shows that you have taken good care of your home, and buying your home will be a good decision for the buyer.

5.      Protect patio furniture

Who doesn’t enjoy spending time with family on their patio? If decorated correctly, your patio can add value to your home and make your home comfy for you.

Taking care of your patio can become a daunting task. You must protect the furniture from rain and harsh sunlight. Installing an awning in your home can protect your valuable furniture. You won’t have to move the furniture whether the sunlight is blazing hot or raining outside.

6.      Safety from water damage

Keeping your home safe from rain requires proper attention. You will have to spend a lot of money to fix furniture and avoid property damage if your home is drenched in rainwater several times a year.

A simple thing you can do to prevent water damage is installing an awning. You will not have to worry about moving your furniture or covering metal items as the awning will stop rain from reaching your valuables.

7.      Easier to handle and maintain

Many people wonder if it’s easier to handle the awnings or not. Contrary to popular belief, you can easily maintain the awning in your home without calling experts.

Here are some simple tips to increase the life of the awning:

  • Get a broom and remove all the dirt.
  • Operate the awning as per the guidelines.
  • Blow-dry the awning if you wash it with water.
  • Buy proper chemicals to remove tough stains from awnings.

8.      Spend more time with your family

Spending fun time with your loved ones can greatly affect your mental health. During the hot summer season, you might think of spending all your time indoors and avoiding outdoor activities.

The addition of an awning to your home can help you spend more fun time with your family. For example, placing an awning over the patio can enable you to enjoy outdoor activities. You can also place an awning over the swimming pool to beat the heat during summers.

9.      Find comfort during summers

No season of the year is harsh if you make proper changes to your home. For example, to beat the harsh heat during summer, you have to place an appropriate awning in your home.

An awning can help you throw outdoor parties during summer. You can spend your time reading your favorite book under your patio to enjoy yourself most during summer days.

10. Long-lasting performance

The best thing about an awning is that you can expect it to provide comfort for years. Awnings are made with long-lasting material proven to fight tough weather conditions. The materials chosen for awnings have been tested to work under rigorous lab conditions.

Once installed properly, if you maintain the awning in your home, you can keep on using it without repairing it now and then.

11. An affordable option

Awnings are not costly at all, given their amazing benefits. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to install an awning in your home.

Most homeowners have to spend $2000 to $4000 to install a proper awning. The prices of an awning can depend on additional features and the cloth you choose for the awning.

12. Avoid adverse effects on sunlight

Sunlight is essential for great health as mentioned above. However, harmful ultraviolet rays in sunlight can make it harmful to you. An awning is a simple addition to your home that can block sunlight from reaching your home, so you can spend time outdoors in summer without the sun.

13. Improve visual appeal

Your home should look good as it can help you spend your time comfortably. Instead of spending a ton of money on home renovation, adding a proper awning to your home can make it look interesting. Awnings come in various colors and designs that enable you to decide as per your liking.

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